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CTS Trimmer (large calibers) Maximize

CTS Trimmer (large calibers)

CTS Trimmer- large calibers

Additional custom calibers available upon request.

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Shipping Rates

.20 cal. to .312 cal. requires 3/8" chuck equipped drill motor
.338 cal. to .50 BMG cal. requires 1/2" chuck equipped drill motor
250- 1,000 rpm operation.
Quick and easy to adjust.
Std cutter is HSS tool steel, Solid carbide option avail.
Custom trimmers not on the application list available. Contact for more info.

Up to six will fit in a single USPS Priority flat-fate box.

As of 6/5/2019 2-4 days to ship, (excluding holidays and weekends.)

Posted 6/5/2019

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  • Cutting head - Cobalt
  • Body - Heat treated 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy
  • Insert - Advanced composite